Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX9V Compact Camera Review

It seems obvious but the one thing that this Sony camera excels in is the one thing that it is meant to do, it takes great pictures. When used in intelligent mode, the setting it is assumed that many people will permanently have the camera set to. The camera uses many parameters to produce a great looking image,

The sweep panorama feature has been around for a while on other Sony cameras and will be familiar to some. The idea is to move the camera from left to right the camera will then combine all the shots into a wide vista image which can be in 3D.

Because the camera’s zoom lens stretches to 16x zoom, image stabilisation is an absolute must, and this comes into play when the shutter is pressed.

The multiple shot feature also comes into play taking up to six shots and combining them all into one single picture to produce a picture full of detail without having to always use the flash.

A 3D mode is available which takes two images at different focal lengths and calculates which portions are in the foreground and automatically places this image in the front of the background, the combined image can be viewed on a 3D display.

Many photographers like the background to be out of focus from the main subject and this is easily achieved with the background defocus mode, this works really well when taking shots of people.

A feature of many cameras these days is the ability to record high definition video; this Sony camera is capable of taking video at up to 50 frames per second with stereo sound.

The HX9V feels good to hold, has a good build quality has much to recommend it

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