Guide To help With Buying Video Projectors

So you want to create the feel of the local movie theatre in your own home, well what you are going to need to produce the pictures is a home cinema projector.  Home cinema projectors of today are capable of producing high quality images at very affordable prices, all you need to do is plug in your blue ray DVD player and you’re off, the home movie theatre experience has never been easier to create. The first video projector used a similar technology to the television sets of the time, these were CRT types and the video projectors used three of these devices (on red, one blue and one green) to create a color image, the three tubes were aligned and shone through lenses to create the image, this type of projector is not as popular now and has mainly been replaced by DLP and LCD projectors.

DLP (digital light processing) projectors utilise an image which is displayed on a chip where every pixel on the chip is reflective and move very quickly as the image is changing producing a greyscale image which is passed through a rotating color wheel and the lens thereby producing the full color image. The DLP projector is excellent for home theatre and business use, the images can be almost as good as those reproduced on film. DLP projector can display something called the rainbow effect where a flash of colour is seen by some but not everyone. Another popular type of video projector available is the LCD projector.

LCD projectors are compact units that project light through a transparent LCD panel and the lens. On some projectors the pixels of the LCD chip can be seen on the screen, producing what is known as “the screen door effect”. LCD projectors can be more compact and less expensive to buy

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