Philips Fidelio DS9000 iPod Dock Review

Fidelio is the only opera by Ludwig Van Beethoven and was finished 1n 1805, now Philips have honoured the composer by naming their very cultured iPod dock after his masterpiece. The DS9000 is a carefully produced dock with a beautiful cabinet manufactured from multiple layers of ply wood sculptured into a curvaceous shape creating a feeling of high quality.

This dock produces a fantastic sound thanks to its multiple speaker drivers and tuned bass ports, no audiophile would fail to be impressed with its sonic performance,   great bass and sparkling treble.

In the same way as high end audio equipment the DS9000 takes the digital output from your iPod or iPhone and uses it’s own circuitry to produce the sound with remarkable clarity.

The DS900 can control your iPod from the supplied remote control or the device buttons.

Five EQ presets can be selected depending on your listening preferences, the quoted total output is stated as 100 watt and for those not having an apple product a 3.5 mm input is provided.

This iPod dock will certainly be an object of desire and is right up there with the best iPod docks

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