Headphone Buying Guide

Not so long ago a typical pair of headphones were the size of dinner plates almost, and were much loved by hi-fi buffs, but now with the iPod generation headphones are still very much in demand. The majority of headphones that come bundled with an mp3 player are usually very basic and can be improved on by almost any headphones available separately.

In ear headphones are the most popular type seen today and they are ideal for use with mp3 players or smart phones, these are easy to carry around and are capable of great sound quality.

Clip headphones are clipped into place round the back of your ears and are very useful when playing sports as they tend to stay in place very well.

On ear headphones rest over the top of your ears and deliver great sound but it is advised to check if they feel comfortable especially if worn for a long time.

Full sized headphones offer the best sound available and will also cut out outside sounds; some even have a noise cancelling feature. Full size headphones can offer the ultimate sound quality but are not perfect for music on the go.

Headsets are headphones with a built in microphone these are very useful when using skype or online gaming. The headphone buyer of today has a very wide choice of great sounding headphones


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