Mp3 Player Buying Tips

Most people have a basic knowledge of what Mp3s are but here is a some background info that you may not know.

Mp3 technology was invented by the Motion Picture Experts Group for use in the film industry. The system compresses an audio file to about one 11th of its original size whilst sounding very true to the original signal; this can however vary depending on the compression ratio which is a trade off between qualitie and file size.

Most Mp3 players come complete with some software to enable the user to convert music from CDs to the Mp3 format (subject to copyright laws) this process has become widely known as ripping. The sales of stand alone Mp3 players has lost some way to the devices that are capable of recording and viewing video and still photographs, however nowadays the modern smart phone combines all these features together with the ability to make and receive calls all in one device. Mp3 players connect to the PC on which your music is saved usually with a USB cable with many models only requiring the user to simply drag and drop the files to load up the music.

So, next time you are shopping for a new Mp3 player, bear some of this info in mind.

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