Amazon Kindle Touch Review

The Kindle has been a big seller on Amazon for quite a while now but stand by for the latest incarnation the Kindle Touch this new book reader device comes with a touch screen and is available in two versions the Touch and the Touch 3G, both make reading and browsing a delight. Both devices come with “EasyReach” which is Amazon’s way of enabling the user to turn the pages by simply tapping the page and making one handed use possible.

The Kindle is not backlit and the print can be read just as if it was real paper even in the very brightest sunlight.

Both Kindles come with wi-fi which is great for connecting to hotspots wherever you may be, plus the 3G has free 3G usage to the Kindle store to enable the downloading of books anywhere providing a signal is available.

Over one million books are available from the Kindle store, some are even available free. The books can also be read on iPad’s and Pcs as well as Android devices with the aid of Amazon’s Whisper sync, so a book could be read using many different devices.

Both Kindle’s boast great battery life as well as the ability to store over 3000 books, for avid readers or those just wanting a good read on vacation, these Kindle’s will be a star buy.

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